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Take credit card payments

By allowing your pupils or their parents to pay for their courses by credit or debit card, you could potentially increase your business and is a positive way of promoting block bookings.

You can spend a lot of money setting this up through your bank but a quicker and easier method is to set up a business account with PayPal.

Setting up a PayPal sellers account is a quick & painless process which when done, allows you to immediately take payments online.

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PayPal obviously charge for this service and I currently get charged 3.4% plus 20p per transaction however, considering how much easier this makes it for my customers to pay, I think it is well worth it.

You can view their terms and conditions and sign up for a business account by clicking below.


Your PayPal page

When you have an account set up I can then do the necessary work to enable payments to be made through your site. For this I charge a one off fee of £49 which includes..

  • Creation of new 'Payments page' or intergration into your prices page(depends on site design)
  • Custom buttons to suit your site.
  • Changes as required for 1 year
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Click here to set up your Paypal Account. Setting up this option lets you recieve payments via credit or debit card.