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Ordering and getting your site live

Ok, you've decided you want to proceed and have a site made, so what's next? I make every effort to ensure the entire process is as quick and painless as possible for you. There are just a few steps required to getting your site live.

1. Choose your domain name GO TO STEP 2 IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DOMAINYou can check for available domain names by clicking here. I recommend choosing a or '.com' address, not only because these are among the cheapest but also because if visitors are trying to guess the domain name, they are more likely to try these before say a '.net' or '.biz'. I normally recommend a '' address as these give a more 'personal' feel to the site, are cheaper and are easier to transfer if the need arises.

You do not need to register the domain name as I will do this on your behalf when you confirm your order.


2. Choose your site design

You can view the available designs on the 'designs' page. Here you can see the prices and options for each one and by clicking the thumbnails, a new window will open so you can see the full design. Remember that most of the designs can have their colour scheme adapted and titles and text can be edited to suit.


3. Give us a Call.

At this point give us a ring (07957 795518) or Email us and let us know your requirements , then we can move onto step 4.


4. Get a draft site made

With No Obligation, you will be supplying me with the information I need to create an initial design for you. Here you can specify the design, colour scheme etc. you can also supply text for your site if you want.


4. Review draft & make payment

Once I have the information from you, I will create your draft site. This should give a good idea of how your final site would look although there will still be work needed to get the site finished.

I will send you an e-mail which will contain a link to the draft site and full details of prices and the other options available. such as a PayPal page or Passers Gallery.

If you are happy with the draft, then just let me know along with any other options that you may want.


5. Site goes live

Once payment has been made, the site will be completed, usually within 2 working days depending on how quickly you can supply information on the changes you want. Once you have approved your site, I will then load it to your domain and you will be able to see this almost immediately. If you have ordered a new domain, it should be live within 24hrs of registration although in my experience this has never been more than a few hours. I will e-mail you to let you know your new site is live.


Changes to live site

Unlike the vast majority of web designers, I give a years free updates for your site. This includes changes to text and images in existing pages. The only potential costs you may incur during this period are for additional services you want to add to the site.


How to pay..

Payment can be made by cheque, by credit or debit card using Pay Pal, or by bank transfer. As PayPal provides an instant payment notification, I can register your domain (if required) and complete your site as soon as you have made payment so is the best method to use if you want your site up and running quickly.

Cheques should be made out to Scott Finney and sent to me at 55 Cooper Street, Roker, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear , SR6 0NQ . I will let you know when your cheque has arrived.

We accept credit or Debit card Payments Through PayPal
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