On this page, I will try and answer as many of the questions I regularly get asked by prospective clients interested in having one of my designs for their site.If you have any queries not answered here then please do not hesitate to contact me.
What information do I need to supply?

To get your new design live, you will need to provide the following ..
  • Domain name to be registered OR The name of the design you want to use FTP information for current site (supplied by your sites hosting company) The business name you want on the site and your logo if you have one.
  • The titles you want for each section
  • The corresponding text and photos (if appropriate) for each section.
  • The contact details you want put on the site
  • The information you would like the visitor to provide when they use the contact form

How do I supply the information?


If you have a logo you want incorporated into the site, then this should be supplied in the largest size you have and I can use pretty much whatever file format you have available (see list below).


The best way for you to supply the text is actually just to send it as an e-mail message. You do not need to worry about formatting the text in any way.


Where images are being included in the site, it is always best to send me the largest version you have. This will allow me to work from the highest resolution allowing greater accuracy which is especially important when creating special effects.

Appropriate logo / image file formats include..

.jpg .gif .tif .psd .png

What do you class a 'Minor' site updates and why do you not
charge for these?

The design cost includes changes to text and images on the existing pages of your site. i.e. If you order a site with 6 pages, text & photos on all 6 pages can be changed as and when appropriate. Additional pages incur a small, one-off charge, but once set up, can then be updated for free as with all the other pages.

One of the biggest complaints I hear when talking with prospective clients is that their current designers charge silly money for even basic updates.

Because of this, their site has become out of date and they have stopped promoting it.

I, like many of you, am a sole trader who relies on word of mouth for my business. I believe that offering exceptional value for money and service is the best way to keep existing clients and promote my work to new customers.

How quickly are changes made?

I try and get all changes done within 48 hours of your request, but ask for as much notice as possible for things like special promotions.

If you have an urgent change then you can call me and I can usually sort this for you at the time.

What if I want to make major changes?

Hopefully you will find that your site works for you but no matter how good the design, tastes change as might your requirements and you may decide you want something completely different. As an existing customer, I offer a 20% discount on current template designs and this can be done as often as you like.

How will my site be found? Do you optimise the site?

We offer an SEO (Search engine optimisation) service but make no promises or guarantees about your site's search position however, using techniques we have developed ourselves, this service will definitely make a difference to your site promotion.

What do you need to sort my hosting?

You will need to let me know what name you want registered. You can check what names are available by visiting the hosting company 123-REG

Once you have found a name you like, you simply let me know and I sort the rest.

Do I own the domain?

This is a very important point !

Many companies register domain names to themselves rather than to you so if you want to move it at any time they can dictate how much they are going to charge you.

I believe this is highly unscrupulous and I always register my client as the owner.

I am listed only as the administrative contact so you have complete control over the domain should you want to move it.

Please note however that as these sites are template based, I retain copyright of the design.

How do I renew the domain after the 2 yrs is up?

I will contact you a month or so before your site is due for renewal. Presuming you want to re-register the domain, you simply pay me the registration & hosting renewal cost (currently £99 for the whole year) and I take care of the rest.

What is domain registration & hosting?

Domain registration

To ensure that there are no 2 sites with the same name, every website name needs to be registered. The usual registration period is 2 yrs.


Having a website name registered only gives you the right to use the name and does not mean you have a site up and running. In order to allow people to see your site, your sites files need to be made available on the internet. Specialist hosting companies provide space on their servers that allow this to happen and also have the security systems in place to ensure your site is not hacked into.

Do you do sites for other businesses?

Many of the designs could be adapted for other uses and will gladly create sites for non-instructors.

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