Website Domain Registration & Hosting

In order to get your site live, it needs to be 'hosted'. This is where it's files are loaded onto a computer that is available to the internet. In theory this could be done on a home computer but then this would have to be left on 24/7 and would be open to viruses and hacking so is better left to the experts! In order to do this, if you already have a domain name registered, we will need to transfer it. This process is different for and .com, .net,. info etc but I will guide you through the process and do as much of this as I can for you. If you have not already got a a domain name, then you can look at
available names here. '' domain names are free with the hosting cost but you can pay the difference for a '.com' or other domain.

Cost for Web Hosting is included with the design that you choose. The total cost for the first year would be £99 and this includes a free domain name. After this period the hosting is included with the annual service renewal of £99.

These are based on domains - .com and other domain types incur an additional charge depending upon the extension choosen.

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