When ordering your design, or even when your site is up and running, you can opt to have any of the photo effects below added. These create a great impact and make it really stand out. I have also listed some tips to ensure you get the best results from your photos.
To Replay any of the effects just refresh the page at the top

Bounce Effect.

Using your own car photos this effect can be incorporated into many of our designs.
The Cost to add this effect would be £20.

Image and Text Fading

A great feature to have on your website is fading text or images. We can create this effect for you if you want to apply subtle animation to a webpage. Nobody wants to see heavy flashing images on a website anymore, they are old news. Applying subtle animation to your website gives your pages a fresh modern look and also allows you to get your message across in a small area on your page. Take a look at an example of this below.
The cost of this effect would be £15.

Scrolling Flash Banner
See below.

The cost of this effect would be £10

More to be added soon......
General advice for taking your photos
The following are general tips for taking photos of your car for use on your site

• Make sure the car is as clean as you can get it.

• If possible, don't take the photo in front of houses etc. if need be, drive somewhere more 'picturesque' and take it there.

• make sure there are no obvious shadows or reflections such as lamp posts, houses or the photographer on the car. This can ruin the desired effect.

• Taking the photo in brilliant sunshine can cause real problems with very dark shadows and bright spots. Best conditions are a bright but overcast.

• Take photos at various angles and from different heights to give as much choice as possible.

• If your photo is to be used in a special effect where the car has to be removed from the background, it is very difficult to remove the wheels from the background because of shadows so it is especially important not to take this at Midday in bright sunlight as the shadows will be especially dark underneath the car.

Suitable Image Formats

All photos need to be sent in digital format and it is best to send the original file rather than a reduced version. This gives me the most flexibility when working with them.

Acceptable formats are '.jpg', '.tif', 'png', '.psd'. These are the most common formats but I can also accept others including '.raw' but please check before sending with alternative formats.