Code of conduct

Your instructor should not 'piggyback' client (ie get you to collect the next pupil for him either during or after your lesson).

You have paid for exclusive one to one tuition. You are not the instructor's unpaid taxi driver.

Your instructor should not intimidate or threaten you in any way.

Your instructor must not touch you in an inappropriate manner or make rude or sexually suggestive comments.

Your instructor should allow you driving tuition for the full time paid for
(unless otherwise agreed by mutual consent or by means of you being unfit to drive).

Your instructor should not stop your lesson to leave you unattended in the vehicle whilst he runs personal errands (shopping, posting mail, etc).
Your instructor should not smoke during your tuition time or stop the vehicle and make you wait while he gets out for a cigarette.

Your instructor should after each lesson discuss your progress and give you advice on when you will be ready to take your test.

Your instructor should not cancel your lesson without consulting you first and offering you a suitable alternative appointment.

Your instructor should not allow another instructor to take his place without first agreeing this with you.